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I have been singing since childhood, starting in children's choir at church.  About 11 years ago, God gave me my very first song as an outpouring of praise and worship to Him. As a naturally shy person, songwriting and singing has proven to be a wonderful way to express what's on my heart and most importantly proclaim the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, the great Redeemer!  

Beginning January 2011, God restored my soul following a very difficult three year "walk in the desert".  He never left my side and because of Him, I was sustained and comforted.  I want to shout to the mountaintop that God "rained" on me refreshing water about three months ago giving me an abundance of "new songs' as a result of the time I spent in the "desert" life experience.  You see, it was during the "drought" I encountered the power of God Almighty, the Holy El Shaddai "face to face".  He came to my rescue and carried me through the storm.  Praise be to God!

It is my desire to testify in spoken word as well as music regarding specifically how God restored me. I want to give personal witness of God's power in my life. Let me know if you would like for me to share my testimony and music in your place of worship.  I would be honored and excited to share!

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